Common Dental Procedures Seeked by International Patients in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers a number of opportunities for the tourists. It is well
known for the elegant scenery that has beautiful beaches, which is a
haven for many visitors. Another feature of the country is the dental
services that are offered, even to the tourists. These dental procedures are
offered in different packages altogether, which are flexible, for the
sake of meeting everyone’s preferences and needs. For example, the famous Advance Dental specializes in Costa Rica dental tourism offering a wide variety of dental procedures, not to mention that they are certified by The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc., The Council for the International Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine PROMED and The American College of Prosthodontists among others.

Lets take a look at some of the
common dental procedures offered in Costa Rica:

• The Full Mouth Restoration

This procedure involves the restoration of the entire mouth, with the inclusion of
bridges and other dental implants. Here, the dentist places between
6 and 8 dental implants on every dental arch. Also a fixed bridge that
has around 14 teeth is be placed over the dental implants. This is
mostly meant to restore the lost teeth in the mouth and fill up the
empty space. Both the upper and lower jaw is fitted with 6 to 8
dental implants and 12 – 14 units of fixed bridges. The process also entails a panoramic x-ray and a 3D dental tomography. The crown or
bridge materials are made of either porcelain zirconium or the porcelain-high quality metal.

• Lower or Upper Mouth Restoration

this procedure, implants are placed on the teeth, either on the
upper or the lower mouth. Six to eight dental implants are placed on
either section of the mouth, along with fixed bridges. There is also
a panoramic x-ray and a 3D dental tomography. The cost of of the
teeth implants varies depending on the material

• The Smile Makeover

This procedure is basically meant
to enhance the smile by making the teeth look more elegant. It entails
the fixing of around 24 and 28 bridges or crown units for the sake of
enhancing the teeth appearance. The cost of the teeth varies depending on the materials used.

• The Porcelain Veneer Makeover

This is a procedure that entails a procedure that is specifically aimed at the front
teeth, both at the upper and lower teeth. It is also meant to boos the
smile and make the teeth whiter and with better shape. The prices also varies but are similar to the
smile makeover procedure.

In a nutshell, the procedures’ prices depend on the materials
and the number of teeth that are to be fixed. The dentist that
you choose will also vary in their pricing.