Adventures In The Dental World Of Costa Rica

Costa Rica dental tourism has grown quite a lot in the past few years. There are many clinics that offer high-quality dental services. These are not the cheapest you can found, but surely are excellent. Clinics offer everything from a basic examination, an X-ray to full mouth restoration, implants and fixed bridges. The diversity of clinics makes it harder for the clients to do their proper research. We have done that. Here are a few clinics with top notch services.

1. New Smile Costa Rica- Is a clinic that offers packages which are cheaper. Their most famous packages are “Full Mouth restoration”, “Upper or lower restoration”, “Smile Makeover” and “Porcelain veneers”. Besides the dental services they even offer free transportation to the hotel/airport.

2. NOVA Dental- A clinic that includes services such as Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Endodontic Treatments or Routine Dentistry. They also assist their patients with the accommodation, such as transportation, finding and booking recovery facilities, planning their treatments and itinerary.

3. ColinaRina Dental Services- Is said to be the most recommended dental clinic of Costa Rica. They offer basic services, from examinations to the latest cosmetic dental procedures. They take proud in the fact that they are cheaper than the services in US with about 50%-80%

4. Meza Dental- more of a boutique clinic that strives for perfection. Their prices are affordable. Like other clinics they offer basic examination up to deep investigations and mouth restorations.

Costa Rica dental tourism is a grown industry that brings thousands of people in the country, helping its economy enlarge. Clients from United States of America, Canada, prefer the services provided by the professionals of Costa Rica. The reviews of the former clients are congratulating Costa Rica dentists for the good work they provide.