Common Dental Procedures Seeked by International Patients in Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers a number of opportunities for the tourists. It is well
known for the elegant scenery that has beautiful beaches, which is a
haven for many visitors. Another feature of the country is the dental
services that are offered, even to the tourists. These dental procedures are
offered in different packages altogether, which are flexible, for the
sake of meeting everyone’s preferences and needs. For example, the famous Advance Dental specializes in Costa Rica dental tourism offering a wide variety of dental procedures, not to mention that they are certified by The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities, Inc., The Council for the International Promotion of Costa Rica Medicine PROMED and The American College of Prosthodontists among others.

Lets take a look at some of the
common dental procedures offered in Costa Rica:

• The Full Mouth Restoration

This procedure involves the restoration of the entire mouth, with the inclusion of
bridges and other dental implants. Here, the dentist places between
6 and 8 dental implants on every dental arch. Also a fixed bridge that
has around 14 teeth is be placed over the dental implants. This is
mostly meant to restore the lost teeth in the mouth and fill up the
empty space. Both the upper and lower jaw is fitted with 6 to 8
dental implants and 12 – 14 units of fixed bridges. The process also entails a panoramic x-ray and a 3D dental tomography. The crown or
bridge materials are made of either porcelain zirconium or the porcelain-high quality metal.

• Lower or Upper Mouth Restoration

this procedure, implants are placed on the teeth, either on the
upper or the lower mouth. Six to eight dental implants are placed on
either section of the mouth, along with fixed bridges. There is also
a panoramic x-ray and a 3D dental tomography. The cost of of the
teeth implants varies depending on the material

• The Smile Makeover

This procedure is basically meant
to enhance the smile by making the teeth look more elegant. It entails
the fixing of around 24 and 28 bridges or crown units for the sake of
enhancing the teeth appearance. The cost of the teeth varies depending on the materials used.

• The Porcelain Veneer Makeover

This is a procedure that entails a procedure that is specifically aimed at the front
teeth, both at the upper and lower teeth. It is also meant to boos the
smile and make the teeth whiter and with better shape. The prices also varies but are similar to the
smile makeover procedure.

In a nutshell, the procedures’ prices depend on the materials
and the number of teeth that are to be fixed. The dentist that
you choose will also vary in their pricing.


Some Of The Of Top Materials Used In Dental Fillings To Save Your Decaying Tooth

If you wish to save your decaying tooth, a dental filling is the greatest option. This would make sure that you wouldn’t be using dentures anymore. A filling is really a process exactly where the dentist removes the decayed portion of your tooth and replaces it with a filling. The filling may be gold, amalgam, plastic, or porcelain. You are able to choose from these various fillings, whichever could be appropriate and affordable for you. You may want to consider the social aspects also, like your way of life and profession. If you’re within the limelight often, it could be smart to use a dental filling that’s not noticeable. To help you out inside your choice, here are leading materials used in dental fillings, which you can select from.

Gold fillings

This really is the best filling because it’s durable and is compatible with most gums. You are able to maintain the gold filling usually more than 20 years. An additional major benefit is that it causes almost no allergies and is secure too. The disadvantage nevertheless is the fact that it’s costly and requirements a minimum of two dental sessions. But as soon as it is placed, it stays for a longer period than any other filling. Gold or gold alloy is expensive but would last longer than amalgam because it does not corrode. It could also be placed in two easy steps: removal of decaying portion after which placing of filling.


Amalgam is the least costly and is a dependable material for dental filling. Those that wish to save on price use amalgam and most of them were satisfied with the outcomes. It could not be used using the front teeth however simply because discoloration occurs after sometime. It is a powerful dental material which can withstand the forces of mastication or chewing. Those that open their mouth often in public like singers and entertainers do not use amalgam because it shows. Even though it’s the least expensive, it corrodes and doesn’t stick lengthy for your tooth and could come off following a couple of years.


Porcelain dental fillings are like gold fillings simply because they are also expensive. They’re preferred by numerous simply because they could match the color of one’s teeth. They might be utilized as €jackets€ to cover the majority of the tooth. You have to choose though the dental filling, which suits you best. This is much more expensive than your amalgam and is more durable since it coats the whole tooth. The color of the porcelain can match the color of your teeth also, so it would not be as noticeable as amalgam.

These are the most typical types of dental fillings that you can select from. There is no best 1 filling that fits all, you have to choose your own according to your budget and requirements. Researching for dental providers who render competent service is advisable and is really a smart decision. This would also make you conscious of what to anticipate from the dental procedure, so that you’d be prepared for it.

Dental Bridges And Their Expenses

Dental bridges fill the gap between the teeth. Gaps between the teeth should be given a careful consideration because it might weaken the other healthy tooth in place. Missing teeth can change the appearance or affect the normal functioning. Only your dentist can judge whether or not you need a dental bridge to avoid losing a healthy teeth.

Some of the major causes that develop gaps in your teeth is gum disease, Tooth decay, trauma. If these issues are not considered at early stages they might go to an extent where it can not be corrected with any kinds of repair. Dental bridges are also used in place of other procedures like:
– Dental Implants
– Dentures
– Porcelain Crowns

There are a varying number of dental bridges depending on your problems
1 Traditional bridge involves a artificial replacement to cover the space between two or more healthy teeth.
2. A less expensive bridge like Resin demands a healthy teeth for its operation. The Bridge is held secured on metal abutment teeth.
3. Cantilever bridges may go well with less stressful area.

With ancient and cantilevered bridges, the abutment teeth are initially ready to just accept a crown. Every abutment tooth can ought to have some of the healthy enamel removed so as to just accept the crown piece. When the abutments are ready, a bearing is created, with the gap portion full of the pontic, or bridge half of the span. The pontic piece and also the abutments are created as one unit.

The costs related to dental bridges are usually captivated with different procedures which are necessary to arrange your teeth to just accept the bridge. The fundamental value will vary from One to three thousand dollars. Other considerations that may add to the overall cost include:
– Dental fillings
– Tooth extractions

Whether or not the dental practitioner encompasses a laboratory or not, should send the request to an out of doors lab
the fabric used for the bridge. Thanks to trendy technology, dental appliances like bridges are just about invisible. The dental practitioner will match the colour of your existing teeth and might produce long lasting restorations that are practical and esthetically pleasing. Dental bridges don’t need further care, you merely still brush and floss as you usually do. Regular dental check ups will also help ensure long lasting use of your restoration.

The number of dental crowns within the replacement determines the price of the dental bridge. Different value determinants are the sort of crown and therefore the a part of the country during which the work is being worn out. Cosmetic dental practitioner base their charges on units wherever one unit could be a replacement of 1 tooth in style of a false tooth or the dental bridge crown. Therefore, one tooth replaced by 2 teeth on all sides of the open area sums up to 3 units.

The cost of a bridge is additionally associated with the range of crowns which will be used. the foremost being one that’s product of pure ceramic ware. One that has ceramic ware combined with gold could be a bit cheaper. You may even have a mixture of various crown sorts for identical restoration. A golden crown might be used for the terribly back a part of the restoration and therefore the front made up of ceramic ware, since this is often the realm, that is a lot of noticeable.

What Dental Procedures Are And How To Find The Right Dentist

Dental procedures are special forms of treatments and remedies related to dental issues. Examples dental procedures, among many others, are: teeth replacement, teeth whitening, teeth refilling and gum disease treatment. All dental procedures require that you find the correct dentist.

Each local centre in your state has probably already recruited a qualified dentist. You might want to check them out before you proceed to look for a dentist somewhere else. The criteria for distinguishing between a ‘smart acting dentist’ and an actual professional dentist is pretty simple: professionals have credentials to back their claims.

Dental procedures are extremely delicate and only specially trained dentists can handle them. Try to enquire through your friends and relatives who might have undergone the same set of procedures before concerning who they visited. It will also be worth if they give you a rough estimate of the costs you will incur. Either way, go to reputable dentists who have genuine testimonials to support them.

Adventures In The Dental World Of Costa Rica

Costa Rica dental tourism has grown quite a lot in the past few years. There are many clinics that offer high-quality dental services. These are not the cheapest you can found, but surely are excellent. Clinics offer everything from a basic examination, an X-ray to full mouth restoration, implants and fixed bridges. The diversity of clinics makes it harder for the clients to do their proper research. We have done that. Here are a few clinics with top notch services.

1. New Smile Costa Rica- Is a clinic that offers packages which are cheaper. Their most famous packages are “Full Mouth restoration”, “Upper or lower restoration”, “Smile Makeover” and “Porcelain veneers”. Besides the dental services they even offer free transportation to the hotel/airport.

2. NOVA Dental- A clinic that includes services such as Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, Endodontic Treatments or Routine Dentistry. They also assist their patients with the accommodation, such as transportation, finding and booking recovery facilities, planning their treatments and itinerary.

3. ColinaRina Dental Services- Is said to be the most recommended dental clinic of Costa Rica. They offer basic services, from examinations to the latest cosmetic dental procedures. They take proud in the fact that they are cheaper than the services in US with about 50%-80%

4. Meza Dental- more of a boutique clinic that strives for perfection. Their prices are affordable. Like other clinics they offer basic examination up to deep investigations and mouth restorations.

Costa Rica dental tourism is a grown industry that brings thousands of people in the country, helping its economy enlarge. Clients from United States of America, Canada, prefer the services provided by the professionals of Costa Rica. The reviews of the former clients are congratulating Costa Rica dentists for the good work they provide.